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Angi Paige Rodgers 

Her passion is to share her art, spirituality, love, and wisdom with students, artists, collaborators, mentors, and other performers in her shows and creative projects.

Angi Paige has always had a more artistic and optimistic view of life. At the age of 3, she fell in love with acrobatics and athletics, and at the age of 4, when she moved to Germany, she joined a cheerleading team. It was then that she met Mia, the owner of the Zero Gravity Pole Studio, and got comfortable with being in the air and learned how to trust her body.

After feeling like the cheerleading team couldn’t teach her anything else, she started doing other sports such as kickboxing, parkour, dancing, and basketball, but her goal was to find her spark again, which she eventually found once she came across pole dancing.

Her pole dancing career started with proving a point to her mother, who used to do pole dancing. Her mother was showing off a bit too much, so she proved that she could do a trick in 5 minutes, which she did. Mia saw this and saw a lot of potential in her, so she started to train for a competition and placed second after only training for a few months. A few months later, she managed to place second at the national competition. This was very exciting for her because she had found her spark again, but this time, her goal was to find her own style and self in her craft, which is why she stopped competing.

Once she found a way to express herself through her craft, she started to connect and collaborate with artists from all kinds of different fields and started to perform and model as an artist.

"Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to create art and unify people by making everyone have a moment of silence and making them see people for who they truly are. Everyone has flaws and beauty, and this is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s what makes us human and special."


  • Steel on Fire - Kids & Teens - 2nd place


  • Vice German Champion Junior Elite - Pole Sport - German Pole Sport Championship

  • Steel on Fire - Kids & Teens - 2nd place 


  • Steel on Fire - Kids & Teens - 2nd place 


Various national champion titles in cheerleading and hip hop 

Trainer of the category PeeWee Cheer and Junior Cheer

Pole Dancer doing an Ealge Pole Trick on the pole.


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