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Here you can find some answers to questions that might arise, while or after booking. Feel free to contact us, if those will not answer your questions

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay with cash?

Yes, we do take cash. Unfortunatly in studio we cannot take credit cards, but you can pay online as well.

What do I need to wear and what do I need to bring?!

Please makre sure to bring shorts and a shirt/tanktop, for warm up you can also wear pants or something warmer (especially during the winter months).
You dont need any shoes.
Bring also a small towel and enough water to drink. Please do not put lotion on that day, youre coming to class.

Do I need to have any prerequisites?

No, you don´t need any prerequistes. Everyone is welcome in our studio, no matter the gender, age or body time. You will learn everything in your own pace, there is no need to be flexible, sporty or anything. Just come and learn and have fun. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

Can I come multiple times a week?!

Yes, you can come as often as you would like. Please check our Pricing Plans, we have plans for 1x a week 2x a week or an unlimited class membership (DIAMOND ABO!). Please make sure to sign up for classes in your level!