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Beautiful Dance Jump In Dress Dancer


My name is Alina Kotova, and I was born and raised in Ukraine. Creativity and dancing have been a significant part of my life since my childhood.

When I was 6, my mother decided to take me to the dancing school, and I realized I was in my element; dancing has become my life, my passion, my thing.

Since then, I’ve explored various dance styles and techniques, such as classical, hip-hop, ballroom, modern and folk dances from around the world. I graduated from the Pedagogical University of Choreography and became a dance teacher.

I have worked in the theatre for 10 years, performing the main roles. I always develop myself and remain open to new opportunities.


In 2016, I discovered pole dancing, and I have been passionate about it ever since. It has been the most rewarding experience of my life, and I am proud to have become the champion of Ukraine in Art Pole Dancing.

I love the combination of strength, grace, femininity, aesthetics, self-expression, and individuality that this sport offers. It can be a remedy for various ailments and problems.


I enjoy helping people and assisting them in discovering new, special, beautiful, and happy things about themselves.


  • Pole Art Ukraine - Doubles - first place 


  • European Championship Slovakai - Aerial Hoop Double - first place 


Beautiful Pole Dancer With Wings on White Background
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