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Pole Dance Doubles - Amalia Mia Lang Und Kayla Lee Burch - World Champions
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Mom is a pole dancer

When my four-year-old son says "Daddy makes wood, Mommy does pole dance", he usually attracts attention.

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Mom is a Pole Dancer

Despite gender stereotypes and the idea of how a good mother should behave, there are usually positive comments. Pole dance combines fitness, acrobatics and aesthetics.

However, many mothers find it difficult to accept their changed body after pregnancy and childbirth and to take time for themselves. Pole dance is a sport that shows you that you are valuable and beautiful.

A Mother's Time Management

A mother's time management usually consists of a balancing act between family needs and work. It is hard to take time for yourself - but it is important to replenish resources, maintain health and strengthen self-confidence. If you are in a relationship, both parties should take the time.

The Zero Gravity Studio

Our studio is a community where I feel comfortable as a double mom. There is understanding for worries and needs and there is an extra course to get back into it. Pole dance is not ideal during pregnancy, but you can continue if you have some experience. After the births of my children, I took a few months off and then returned to the pole with joy. I regained my strength and flexibility faster than I thought. Pole dance has given me muscles that my body thanks for dragging two semi-strong toddlers around. After five years of pole dance, I can no longer do without this exclusive time.

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