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Pole Dance Doubles - Amalia Mia Lang Und Kayla Lee Burch - World Champions

This is poetry, playing with the pole...Maria and her passion for pole dance...

Kids Pole Maria Doing Extended Eagle - Flexible Girl
Maria - Extended Eagle

I take the pole and I hold it tight.

Seconds turn into moments,

I let reality go,

and I dance, dance, dance

Fly, fly, fly.

I dive in between the clouds

I smile out of happiness... I cry.

This is poetry, playing with the pole.

Grab, twist, pull,

My name is Maria Schwarz and I'm 12 years old.

I like the concentration, the body awareness, the strength

and flexibility, the fun, the effort

and also the poetry, the work and the feels

that promote on the pole ... the injuries I like less.

Kids Pole doing Rainbow Marchenko - Pole Dancing and Contortion and Flexibility
Maria - Rainbow Marchenko

I've always loved climbing, although climbing often turned into acrobatics, jumping and flying.

And I can fly...

At a small demonstration of Amalia and Kayla with at the pond...

I see, I feel and I empathise.

I was so excited, I signed up immediatly with Mia and was allowed to practice at Pole-Dance Studio Zero-Gravity.

Training was one thing, participating in the pole dance championship

Steel on Fire as a "warrior" was another.

More practice, tension, stage fright.

Second place! At the very first pole dance championship!

Thanks goes to the pole dance family, especially to my trainer Angi for training and the choreo, to Amalia for the criticism and also to her mom for the costume. Thanks!

Let's go!

My dear friend Alyssa and I will compete at the German Nationals in Grimma

in doubles and also in singles.

I would also like to thank the pole dance family, my trainer Angi for training and choreo, Mareike for training and Vicky for the costumes. Thanks.

To Amalia for training, criticism, taking a close look and her saying "There's still more to come! “

Keep your fingers crossed for me !

Kids Pole Dance Competition - Eagle, Capezio, Splits - Pole Fitness Pole Sport
Maria at Steel On Fire 2022

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