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Pole Dance Doubles - Amalia Mia Lang Und Kayla Lee Burch - World Champions

German Nationals Pole Sport - Podium Places in all the categories!

Zero Gravity Pole Sport Athletes, really successful at the German pole sport national championship 2023.

Zero Gravity Pole Dance Athleten belegen alle jeweils ein Podium Platz bei der Deutschen Pole Sport Meisterschaft 2023 in Grimma.
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While in established sports participation in championships often occurs necessarily (for example in football due to membership in leagues), this is not a given in pole dance. Rather, it is up to the athletes to prepare themselves for and register for regional or national championships. Several athletes from the Zero Gravity Pole Studio in Baumholder made this decision and competed at the German championship in Grimma last weekend, which is annually hosted by the organization of the German Pole Sports e.V. (ODPS) and took place this year from June 23rd to 25th. The Zero Gravity was able to send a total of six participants - as many as never before - who, in turn, competed in six different categories against a total of around 130 other athletes and completed seven performances. Remarkable here is the spectrum of athletes, which ranges in age from under ten to over 40 years and covers the categories "Amateur" to "Professional" to "Elite" in terms of requirements and experience, which impressively illustrates that pole dance is not about age, prior experience, size or stature, but about training diligence. And all participants have more than enough demonstrated this in the past months in numerous training sessions (in intensive preparation partly up to four times a week, most athletes also train daily at home on their own poles). The results of the athletes speak for themselves: Mareike (35) in the category "Pole Sport Professional Senior Women 30+" and Mia (9) in the category "Pole Sport Amateur Pre-Novice" each took second place. Chantil (43) in the category "Pole Sport Amateur Master Women 40+", Nelly (22) in the category "Pole Sport Professional Senior Women 18+", as well as Maria (12) and Alyssa (9) as a double in the category "Pole Sport Elite Novice Double" all landed in first place. Maria and Alyssa also competed against each other in the competition, since both competed in the category "Pole Sport Elite Novice", with Alyssa taking first place ahead of Maria.

Two Qualifications of the Zero Gravity Athletes for the Pole Dance World Championship 2023 in Poland

Since Maria and Alyssa achieved first place as a double and Alyssa alone in the elite category, both have also qualified for the World Championship in their respective categories, which will be held in Poland in October by the IPSF, the International Pole Sports Federation. It is worth mentioning that athletes in pole dance have to bear all costs for their sport themselves, since there are no financial sports funding measures as in popular or club sports.

Chief trainer Amalia Lang and the two trainers Mareike Schuhmacher and Angelina Paige, who accompanied and prepared their protégés on the three days and loudly cheered them on with the parents, siblings and friends who traveled with them, were highly satisfied with these results. In addition to the rankings, the evaluations of the jury are noteworthy: All athletes from the Zero Gravity received scores in the two-digit range. What may not seem like much at first glance is actually not a matter of course, since the judges also punish minimal deviations of the athlete from her choreography and even "form errors" attributable to the forms submitted in advance with point deductions. Such form errors led to Mia being deducted two points and even to trainer Angelina, who was actually supposed to compete in the elite category, being excluded from the championship.

Zero Gravity Makes Pole Dance a Team Sport

Although pole dance is predominantly performed alone or occasionally in doubles, the team spirit also traveled to the championship trip to Grimma, about 600 km away. Almost all participating athletes from the Zero Gravity already moved into the "Pole-WG" (a holiday home in Grimma) together with their relatives and friends on Friday, went out to eat together in the evenings and showed their unity in the hall. Not least of all, this cohesion is likely to be a reason for the good performance of the Zero Gravity, which always welcomes newcomers to pole dance.

Drei Poledancerinnen des Zero Gravity Pole Studios auf dem Siegerpodest
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