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How much Yoga actually helped me....

Lets start by me telling you my Yoga-Story and how it became a daily part of my life.

Everyone who knows us, know how hard we started working and practicing after inviting our rhythmic gymnastics coach "Bella" into our lives. (But about her and how she changed our daily life, I will probably write a whole other blog).

Anyway... yoga started for me like this:

It was Summer 2019, and Kayla was gone for her annual training with the military for over 2 weeks. By this time I already used to meditate quite often, in the mornings or just during the day. It was not really a daily habit, but every time I felt like it, I got on my meditation spot.

I knew already that meditations was a kind of practicing yoga, but this is not how it started.

Actually I was looking for something to relax me, after the hard practices we had in the studio.

We try to do a lot for our bodies to relax, like weekly massages, going to the SPA or in our Sauna. But somehow I felt like this wasn't enough for me. I was craving something deeper, and to be honest with you guys. My whole life I always crave something deeper, I would even describe it as a calling to my inner self.

I would even describe myself as weird and different, haha...and I felt like that since I can think.

Anyways, let's bounce back to the yoga journey.

So one morning in that summer, I decided to try a yoga flow I found of Youtube the night before... I woke up 20 minutes earlier than usual.... stood up from bed, and at that time I didn't really have a yoga mat, but since we had carpet in our bedroom it was fine for me.

Starting with my ego high, I joined this class, thinking it would be an easy thing for me, since I am flexible and strong enough.

Well you can probably guess, by the time the 20 minutes where over, I was panting like dog, covered with sweat over my whole body, and at the "relaxing" point of her class, I couldn't even do the asana flexibility wise, because I found a spot in my body that was stiff as wood.

In the inside of me I was laughing, well here you go, you found something really relaxing ..... NOT....

So me first impression, the seconds after I did my first yoga class, was: "DAMN THAT SHIT IS HARD, NOT RELAXING AT ALL!"



Anyway, I decided to take a shower before heading over to work, and right when I was taking the shower, an immediate flow of Peace and Relaxation ran over my whole body.

And something, not too weird to me happened in the shower (which already happened a couple of times during my life!), I can't really describe it, but do you know, when you have those moments, where you're mind is crystal clear?! Where you can see and feel and hear every drop from the water, running down your skin. Where you are just in the NOW AND HERE. Where nothing else matters, accept the moment the water touches your skin.

I call this moments: "WAKING UP and STOP DREAMING!"

Well, this was the turning point, and from this moment on, that didn't lasted too long unfortunately, I decided that yoga was the right approach for me.

My whole days felt super relaxed and awake, not to the point that I had in the shower, but to a point I was satisfied.

And yeah, once Kayla got back from her Training, I guess it didn't matter if she wanted or not, she was with me on this.

And thats why I love her so much, because we feel the same about our practices and bodies.

So since early summer 2019, we are practicing yoga almost every day!

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