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How to Master the Outside LegHang on the Pole (aka Gemini) - Part 2 (Pole Dance Tips and Tricks)

We have already discussed the common mistakes and the correct position of the outside leg hang (aka Gemini) in Part 1.

You can read part 1 here: (You can also find other pole dance outside leg hang tips and tricks there)

Pole dance tips and tricks for the outside leg hang on the pole

Today we'll look at an entrance to train the out side leghang outside of an invert, especially for beginners it's important to practice the position lower to the ground.

Entry into the Outside Leg Hang aka Gemini by lying on your back at the pole:

  1. Lie on your back next to the poles, bring your waist to the poles. (see picture 1)

  2. Stand your inside leg and bring your top leg up toward the pole. (see picture 2)

  3. Lift your hips slightly and pull your outside leg further towards your head.

  4. Bring the back of your knee to the other side of the pole as far as you can, with your foot on the outside leg facing the ceiling at an angle (45 degrees).

  5. Make sure your waist is in the pole (under the ribs, over the hip bone)

  6. Bend your outer leg as hard as you can so that your foot is now pointing at an angle (45 degrees) towards the floor)

  7. You can now pull your foot again with your inner hand to ensure that you have a good “hook”. (see picture 3)

  8. Now extend your inner leg and try to push your hips up towards the ceiling and pull your inner leg towards the floor,

  9. Now try using muscle strength to pull your inner hip up to your hooked knee,

  10. Belly button should point towards the ceiling, and you should always try to shorten the distance between your inner hip and your hooked knee.

  11. Try to keep your pelvis as straight as possible, this will give you better support at your waist. (see picture 4)

Pole Dance Tips and Tricks - Outside Leg Hang
Image 1

Pole Dancer shows you how to master an outside leg hang
picture 2
gemini pole dance trick
picture 3

Leghang from the ground, pole stage
Image 4

Remember to repeat this exercise several times on both sides!

In Part 3, we'll look at the entrance made from a candle!

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