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Pole Dance Doubles - Amalia Mia Lang Und Kayla Lee Burch - World Champions

How to Master the Outside LegHang on the Pole (aka Gemini) - Part 3 (Pole Dance Tips and Tricks)

Let's take a look today at other entries for beginners without inverting into an outside leghang.

In the last part, we covered the entry from lying on your back. You can read it here.

Today, we're going to look at a higher entry from a "candlestick" position. So let's do it an master your outside leghang.

Master your Outside Leghang - Entry Option 2

1. Start by lying down on your back, as we did in Part 2, but this time bring the pole into your armpit and grab it with a strong hold.

2. From here, push your body up into a "candlestick" position. You can also use your legs to raise your pelvis as high as possible.

Master Your Outside Leghang
Set Up

Outside Leghang Entry from Candle Stick Position
Helping with the legs, to get the pelvis up

3. Now, hook your outside leg into the pole and follow the same steps from Part 2 of this series!

Pole Dance Tips and Tricks
Make sure to follow the steps from - Part 2

Gemini Pole Dance Leghang
Hook Tightly, bring your hips up and inside leg down

In Part 4 of this series, we will be looking on how to enter the outside leghang aka gemini, from a standing position.


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