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Pole Dance Doubles - Amalia Mia Lang Und Kayla Lee Burch - World Champions

Zero Gravity Pole at the Charity Sports Gala Show Be A Light - Make A Wish

On December 2, 2023, the Charity Sports Gala Show - Be a Light x Make a Wish took place at the Umwelt Campus in Neubrücke.

Make-A-Wish Germany fulfills the heartfelt wishes of seriously ill children and gives them and their families strength and hope during particularly difficult phases of life.

Pole Dance Group performing at Charity Gala Show - Be a Light x Make A Wish

A part of our championship team was involved, and this was already their second time participating.

This charity show is organized for a great cause, and all athletes perform without payment. The Pole Dance Team from the Zero Gravity Pole Studio Baumholder, had prepared for a month in a group of six.

Studio owner and instructor Amalia Mia Lang created a choreography based on the theme "Enchanted Forest".

The group consisted of three children and three adults.

For Girls on the Pole performing Doubles "The Eye"

However, one of the athletes, Vicky Daeges, had to drop out at the last minute due to illness. Luckily, the team was fortunate enough to have Mareike Schuhmacher, who learned the choreography in just one day and seamlessly stepped in for Vicky.

At 4:00 PM, the Baumholder team headed to Neubrücke. They unloaded and set up the pole dance poles for the stage rehearsal. The six-member group had to make some adjustments. After a less-than-ideal stage rehearsal and some changes, the girls prepared for their big performance.

They did their makeup, styled their hair, and put on their outfits, while also enjoying some delicious snacks provided by their parents. A big special thanks goes to our hairstylist and make up artist Angelina Paige Rodgers.

The evening was quite long, as the Pole Girls didn't perform until shortly before 11:00 PM. But the wait was worthwhile, and the girls delivered a fantastic performance that lasted almost 10 minutes.

Despite the mishaps and absences, the team showed great professionalism and demonstrated to the audience what a fantastic sport pole dance is.

At the end of the gala, all participants received medals and trophies.

The Zero Gravity Pole Studio would like to thank all the organizers of this gala show.

Pole Dancers at the Charity Gala Show in Neubrücke

The team included:

  • Angelina Rodgers

  • Mareike Schuhmacher

  • Vicky Daeges

  • Amalia Mia Lang

  • Alyssa Schübelin

  • Mia Weschenbach

  • Maria Schwarz

Photographer: Maria Josefina Ferraro

Supervisors: Anja Schwarz and Sabrina Schübelin

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